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Bluebonnet Sessions 2022

Hey, it's Spring! And, Texas is showing off with it's brilliantly beautiful bluebonnets! I was so worried I wouldn't be able to find a patch this year, it's been a bit on the dry side for blooms this and the past two years were a bust. I usually drive around both well known spots & backroads in the surrounding areas of Corpus just to find the perfect location with enough blooms to photograph. I stumbled across a gem of spot this year in Rockport!

With the uncertainty of when these will go to ground, weather, and other variables, I'm only able to open up spots a few days in advance for this type of session. This weekend is it! As usual, I'll be scheduling these spots as close as possible to sunset. So I have a 6:30 & 7PM spot for each day. Read on for session details!

Bluebonnet Session Package information: $300 Session Fee -20 minute session -5 digital images in online gallery (with option to purchase additional images) -$100 Retainer required to book (non-refundable but does go toward your session total) Message me to confirm date or time prior to booking! The small dark spot on Olivia's dress is a ladybug! It hung out a bit before she saw it and freaked out!

******Important Note******* As a professional photographer, I do make it a point to be a good conservator of the outdoor spaces that I use for photos. I make it a point not to leave behind any trash or anything that could harm local wildlife. Being a good conservator is especially important when it comes to our wild bluebonnets, these flowers must properly "go to ground", or fully bloom and wither to drop their seeds in preparation for new blooms the following year. Fields & blooms can be destroyed when people step in or crush the flowers, I will ask that everyone attending be informed that we will not be walking into patches of bluebonnets or crushing any flowers. In the photos that I have taken, it may not look like it but, I have positioned my daughter in a patch of bare ground. Please only walk on bare grass and stand where I position you (or your children). Thank you! See my unedited/unaltered image below where you can see the bare patch of grass that Olivia is standing on. She is in the same spot for all the images taken for this post! With positioning, camera lens/focal length, and a little photoshop magic, it appears that she is standing right in the middle of a full field!


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