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Valentines Day Minis

Can you believe that we're already in 2018? The end of the year always seems to fly by to me, starting with Halloween and ending with "OMG it's already the middle of January!" All three of my kids have birthdays in that time frame so, that certainly adds to the holiday madness. Then, add on the additional factor of October through December being the busiest time of the year for photographers! So, now that we're here (mid-January), what a good time to get started on Vday Minis! I spent a few days last week browsing around my favorite prop finding spots, dug out a few special pieces that I already had and put together this cute setup! I dressed my girls up in some cute dress, or in their opinion, the itchiest dresses I could find. Then drug my reluctant (but still Oh-so-cute) models outside, had them shut their tablets (you-tube) off for a few minutes and pose for mommy. After a few bribes, changing up the set, and a hundred or so shots I finally have my sample images of the setup for you all! By the way, I still love, love, love my beautiful, custom built booth courtesy of my wood-crafty friend Thomas. I used it for Hot Cocoa stand minis last Christmas, and it's been turned into a kissing booth for these minis.

Now booking Valentines Day Mini Sessions for the following dates: January 28th (Children only -setup as shown) February 4th (Children/Family/Couples -kissing booth setup at a local park location) $115 *20 min Session *5 digital images in an online gallery *Print Release **$50 retainer fee required to book**

Please message me to select a time slot!

Valentines Day Mini Sessions

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