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Chloe - Corpus Christi Newborn Session

Introducing beautiful Miss Chloe! Chloe was just four days new when I first met her in my studio. She was such a great sleeper and so little with a perfect face!

Corpus Christi Newborn Portrait Session

I typically start off newborn sessions with baby wrapped up snugly , it helps me to gauge how they respond to being posed and touched. This little doll just melted right into my basket prop, and we knocked out several solo shots of her. Then we changed it up and went with this sweet romper outfit from Twinkle Twinkle Little Baby Boutique (

Newborn Portrait Session

Next we brought her siblings in for a few shots, aren't they all so precious? We did have one big brother who just wasn't feeling photos this particular day, so we had a second session to make sure we were able to capture all of these precious family shots.

Newborn & Sibling Photo Session

Newborn and big brother portrait

Newborn photo session with siblings / Corpus Christi

On another note, I also did her big brother Malachi's newborn portraits! It's such a privilege to photograph families again and again, I get to watch their little one's grow right along with them.

Newborn Family Portrait Session

Portrait Studio Newborn Photos

This parent shot is perfection!

And, now for a few more of Chloe's solo portraits. I hadn't yet had a chance to utilize this pretty barn door/floral backdrop (I've been on a roll with newborn boys and hadn't had a little princess in the studio for some time), so I came up with this set while waiting on Chloe and her family to arrive. I think the rustic wheelbarrow tied in perfectly with the flowers and burlap plus, I just love mixing textures and tones!

Sleeping Newborn Portrait

Newborn Photographer Photo Session

Sleeping baby Newborn Photos

I created this last setup to tie in with the purple tutu and headband that her mommy brought along. This tiny metal bed is a more recent addition to my studio and has quickly become a favorite of mine!

Baby in tiny bed Newborn Portrait

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